Our company which was founded in 2006 has operations in many fields. Since our foundation, we focus especially on non-ferrous, aluminum scrap recycling, alloyed and unalloyed aluminum and related products.

Sinerji provides operating systems, office applications for enterprise companies and arrange the sales and deployments of them.

Non-ferrous metals are metals which do not contain iron. Non-ferrous metals basically include zinc, lead, copper, nickel, magnesium, aliminium, brass and tin. Non-ferrous metals also can be found as alloys. For example, brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Non-ferrous metals are used in industrial applcations for their lightness, high durability, resistance to high temperature, non-magnetic properites, resistance to atmospheric and chemical corrosion. They are also used in electrical and electronic applicaitons.

Sinerji also offers options and futures for aliminium.

Sinerji as a provider of scrap metal recycling is an expert on this matter. Our brokers are experienced at all stages of aliminium recycling. This means better quality and prices for everyone.

Sinerji always evolves to meet the changing needs of its customers and continues to expand its services.

Sinerji also provides pure aliminium ingot and billet products. Our leadership in technology and capacity and strategic locaiton allow us to provide the best quality and availibility.

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